Saturday, 14 May 2016

EU referendum, leave or stay!?

Report by James Clark Sat,14 May

The arguments given by both sides are strong but they are not thought through that well. There is no plans for if we do leave but also there is no plans to change the unfair system of the EU that abuses the british economy and the NHS. Its all good listening to both sides of the same story tring to influence brits to take thier side and vote but the reality is if you split something in two then the two new entities will both have less than what they did together, thats a fact, but this doesn't mean each entity will be worse off. Planning your leave will keep you on a good economic track but having no plans as the leave campaign have, is not a good start to a sepration.

A group is better than a single person because the group is consisted of individuals who act together!?

The obvious advantages of staying together are easier relationships between EU countries. Also you have all these countries to back you in most situations and if every country adheres to the rules then the system works in harmony. But in the case of the EU Britain has been the only country to follow all the rules and the only country that has been abused by the rules. Its a shame that the whole referendum is brought about because of disagreements over migrants between EU countries but its a referendum that was a long time coming. No matter how good it is to stay togeather there are to many flaws in the rules that allow all EU citizens to abuse to the benifits of being british. Things like our benifit system and our NHS are becoming to expensive because of the amount of EU citizens using them, and this happens with no compensation from the EU or the individuals countries. This is a one way system that takes from britain and brings nothing back in the form of nothing for the brits in other EU contries that can be used in the same manner  or just a loss for the British and only the british.

To be honest people of Britain are fed up of getting housing after a EU citizen or an EU citizen moving to Britain to claim benifits and the visa versa not being on an eqaul level. British people are fed up of paying the most and getting the least out of the EU. So things have got to change or eventually if not this year the the british will no longer be part of a unfair system.

Will you stay an fight or leave and lead?

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